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We are continuing to ship during Coronavirus
We are continuing to ship during Coronavirus

Condition Report

It's not refurbished, it's Upcycled. Our devices are indistinguishable from a brand new device, guaranteed.

All Upcycled devices go through rigorous testing to ensure they are the best quality possible. If they don't meet our testing, we don't sell them. Our devices are not the same as other refurbished devices, Upcycled devices are indistinguishable from band new with major parts replaced to look and perform like new, including:

  • Brand new battery
  • Brand new screen
  • Brand new frame
  • Brand new charging port
  • Brand new charger
  • Brand new sealed box

All our devices are not a copy or look-a-like device, they are a genuine device that has been repaired to a brand new standard. This allows you to recieve all your normal security and feature updates from the manufacturer.